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twlt_lims's Journal

Twilight Lims
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introduction to the comm.
Welcome to twlt_lims, a Twilight LIMS (last icon maker standing) icon challenge community that uses a new method of voting where winners are chosen 100% by the participants: all participants must vote - only participants may vote - mods have no say as to who moves on to the next challenge. Sign up for our current round and put your mad icon making skills to the test!

Voting Rules.
pay attention because they are unique.

1.     Each round will have 20 participants
2.    Each participant (until disqualified) will submit 1 icon for each challenge within that round, using ONLY the pictures provided
3.    Each participant (until disqualified) will be REQUIRED to vote for 2 icons they like and 2 they dislike (excluding their own). Each "like" vote will earn an icon +1 point and each "dislike" vote will earn an icon -1 point.

4.    If a participant does not vote in a challenge they submitted an icon for, THEY ARE DISQUALIFIED!
5.     There are NO skipping challenges
6.    Each challenge, 1 participant with the lowest amount of votes, numerically, will be disqualified
7.    Each challenge, 1 participant with the highest amount of votes, numerically, will be "featured" and given an award banner
8.    There is no "mods choice" - the participants are the sole judges of each round and challenge.
9.    In the case of a tie, voting will be redone for ALL icons in the challenge (so no one knows which icons are tied). Each participant will vote again, but this time voting for just 1 icon they like and 1 icon they dislike. The results of this vote will be used only as they apply to breaking the tied icons. Again, if a participant doesn't vote, their icon is disqualified!
10.  When there are only 4 participants in a round remaining, there will be a final challenge where each of the 4 participants will vote for 1 icon they like and 1 icon they dislike. 1 participant will then be disqualified and the rest will place as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Banners will be awarded to those 3 final winners.

Entry Rules.
how to post your pretties.

1.    Icons submitted must fit LJ standards (100x100, 40KB, JPG/PNG/GIF). Animated icons are OK!
2.    Icons must be made specifically for each challenge and round. Each challenge and round will have a different theme.
3.    Icons cannot be posted elsewhere before a round ends
4.    When submitting their icon, participants should include the icon (through html) and its URL. Example:

5.    Brushes and textures are at the participants' discretion


how to sign up.

1.    Join the community!
2.    Reply to the current round entry post when it is open. If challenges for a round are currently going on, you must wait until they are done and the next round opens.
3.    Add
twlt_lims to your friends page so that you never miss an announcement for voting or submitting your entries
4.    Wait until the first challenge in your round is posted with links to the pictures for you to use in making your icons, then get creative and make your entry. Challenges open every Monday.
5.    Submit your icon to the round's challenge post. Each challenge will end on Thursday at 11:59pm PST. If you don't get your entry in on time you are disqualified from the current round, so get your icons in early!
6.    A voting post will go up on Friday and voting will close on Sunday at 11:59pm PST. Remember, if you don't vote you are also disqualified.
7.    As soon as voting for a challenge is done, results will be posted as well as the next challenge - and thus continues the cycle until the final challenge of the round.
8.    After results for the final challenge are posted there will be a week-long break where participants can sign up for the next round. Then, the lims contest begins again the following Monday ^_^


Important Links.
important info for you.


Ask Questions



The Mods.
contact the mods.

Any questions or comments?
The Rules post will give you the fastest response, but feel free to message any of the mods individually:


We will get back to you ASAP.


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